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butter........150gram(cold, cut into cubes)
all-purpose flour...120gram(sifted)
Self-raising flour...120gram(sifted)
egg yolk.....1
water........2tbsp(ice water)

pineapple jam.....340gram (homemade or store-bought, formed into lime-sized balls, 5g each)

Egg Wash:
egg yolk.......1(room temperature)
milk or water....1tbsp(room temperature)


1. Cold butter and ice water are the keys to a successful crust pastry for these tarts.
2. Light handling of the pastry dough is important so as to ensure the pastry to have the melt in the mouth effect.
3. It pastry sticks to the mould cutter, lightly dust the cutter with flour so that the pastry can be released easily.
4. Pineapple tarts must be cooled completely before storing so that they will not turn mouldy easily.
5. Do not cool pineapple tarts under the fan as this will soften the pastry.

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